Wk 9: Art Care Package- Sylmar

imageThis week’s activity of Art 110, we had the opportunity to create an Art Care Package to anyone we wanted. I chose my Nina from Sylmar California. I decided to do it on her because she’s one of the only nina’s that still uses mail as a means of communication, and I thought I would surprise her with some of my doodles. Doodles are one of my only weaknesses because I can choose what and when to draw without any restrictions. I also sent her my website name so she can check on what I’m doing every week in Art class. This ACP activity is similar to Snapchat in a sense because we can still choose what we like to send to whom ever we want, but one might just take longer than the other. The ACP activity is just as important as paintings and art that is seen by a mass group of people; just because only one person receives an ACP doesn’t mean it’s necessarily less significant than other forms of art.

Ephemera to me might still mean something precious that can still gain more sentimental value over time because someone might like it  for a long time rather than just that short period of time. The



Wk 9: Artist Conversation-Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel Banilla-Vera

Artist: Dalia Bañuelos & Daniel Banilla-Vera

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: Infraction

website: Dalia’s Instagram: @deliaeffe Daniels’s website:

During week 9 of the SOA meet, I had the pleasure in meeting two great artist in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery; Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel Banilla-Vera. The artists are seniors here at CSULB and are planning to hopefully graduate this last semester here. Bañuelos and Banilla-Vera’s artworks include photography of different images. For example, some photographs are taken with nature while some are other Art pieces drawn or made by the same artist.

One fascinating tool the artist used in their gallery that made it stand out more than the others, was the use of yarn throughout the whole gallery. The artist made the yarn hold up all of the pieces being displayed on the walls to basically make an interpretation. The Artist wanted to use this alternative method to interpret photography. For example, since the only thing holding up the art works were the yarn; if someone or something were to cut it then all the pieces would fall apart. Meaning that their art work can be both inspiring and delicate at the same time.

Both the artist also have their own different likings besides just photographing for their major. Bañuelos likes to photograph people however, that doesn’t always go as plan because not everyone likes to be photographed by a random stranger. Bañuelos also studies and practices martial arts, Amazing! As for Banilla-Vera, he actually likes to photograph anything that matches his mood, but mainly likes a lot of nature, maybe because it shows a lot of tranquility.

In short, both these young Artist have a great skill set in photography. Hopefully more students like me can have the chance to go and see galleries similar to Bañuelos and Banilla- Vera because it might have an impact on you in a positive way. Most of these galleries have impacted me in a good way, and this gallery sure is one of them.


wk 8: Classmate Conversation- Valeria Gonzalez

In week 8 of Art 110 during our Japanese Garden sketch, I had the pleasure in meeting Valeria Gonzalez. This is her 3rd year here at CSULB and is planning to get her degree in Recreation. She chose Recreation because a lot of the classes she needs fulfills the requirements for grad school: wants to be an occupational therapist. Lastly, one of the QOW activity was to actually see what each others phone apps were. Her wallpaper and lock screen was a sailor moon animation. As for her apps, she had: Youtube, twitter, Snapchat, and Pokemon go ( which she hasn’t played in a month).




Wk 8: Sketching at the Japanese Garden

This week’s activity was an interesting one  beacause I actually had the opportunity to sketch out a Japanese garden at CSULB. I’m not sure if it’s spot on what a Japanese garden would look like but either way the garden was Beautiful! I’ve never soon so many big fishes in one little pond. There were fishes that were easily 2-3 ft long. During my presence I had the opportunity sketch out some representational art.

Wk 7: Artist Conversation- Nathaniel Paderanga

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: SOCIAL Nathaniel Paderanga

Website: N/A

During this week’s SOA Gallery session I had the pleasure in meeting another talented artist named Nathaniel Paderanga . He’s a a senior here at CSULB and is hopefully going to graduate on this last semester for his BFA in drawing and painting. Prior to CSULB Paderanga actually transferred from Miramar Community College in San Diego. Paderanga’s personality at first glance is actually an interesting one because during the gallery he had an unexpected friend come into his gallery; his friend had no idea he had a secret talent in drawing and painting. This comes to show that something’s are not meant to be put out as much because Paderanga actually just does drawing and painting because he loves to do so.

His paintings include portraits of his mother, previous home, family/ friends and much more. Each of his painting are one to see in Person, his work is Remarkable because his paintings are so realistically put together. His work also include social issues. For example, he shows an anti-social kid on his phone or tablet rather than spending time with family members. Unfortunately I can relate to his painting because this happens occasionally with my cousin.

His work not only highlights the social problems people have these days but also shows the importance of life. For example,  one of his paintings include a homeless man sleeping in a street while other people are partying and having fun around him. This unfortunalty happens more often than people think. The root to all these paintings actually came from knowing what’s important in someone’s life because after Paderanga pasted away, his deep emotion truly came out.

Paderanga’a exhibition is truly a masterpiece, these paintings are by far one of the most beautiful pieces I had the pleasure to see. In short, his personal favorite in his gallery was the house he grew up in San Diego. He mentioned that his home now looks abandoned, so he wanted to paint it how he last remembered it.

Wk6: ZINE!!

image.jpgThis week’s art activity was actually creating either a flip book or a Zine. I chose the Zine because I wanted to show all the things I loved as a kid, and some I still do. Starting off with a huge truck, but not  just any truck, I loved Single Cab trucks because they seemed like half cars and half truck for me. The Zine also shows a turbo, guns and unfortunately my dry Orange Sharpie. My Favorite color and pen, R.I.P. This activity was very exciting for me because during the making it brought so many good memories.

wk 6: Artist Conversation- Blaine Scot Prow

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: Extrusions

Instagram: @tiffuts

This week’s artist conversation was with Blaine Scot Prow, an Orange County resident that loves to play guitar, bass guitar, and photography for fun. He’s a senior here at CSULB. Scot Prow transferred to CSULB and is now majoring in Studio Art. Scot Prow is planning to go into graphic design after graduation. As a child, Scot Prow had an interesting liking for geometry that he found out 3 dimensional sculptures with 2 dimensional objects by accident when just cutting up pieces of paper at the start of his career Art.

His work in the Gallery explores “3 dimensional objects from 2 dimensional shapes.” Scot Prow knows that they’re many different ways to create 3 dimensional sculptures from 2 dimensional objects however, he states that ” the process of cutting and folding paper shapes is where the idea for extrusions came from.” Some of his work is easy to do that can take up to 30 minutes, he commented. However, there’s work in his Galleries that took him hours to make at times. This form of  Art Master piece takes a lot of time, patience, and math skills to accomplish.

For example, the triangle square art piece was the easiest one to make, and the hardest one was called CO. The only reason why CO was the hardest piece to make was in part because the lines and shapes had to be super straight and on point. Despite being difficult his Art Pieces still came out wonderful.

Scot Prow’s work comes to show that work can be as easy/ hard as you want it to be. It all depends whether you’re gonna like or not. In his case, he loved it. One of his favorite pieces is the repeating cubes called “factory.” That was his favorite piece because he loved the repetition it had and the shadows it created when the light hit it at different angles.


wk 5: Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Ceramics, Mixed Media, Photography

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East


During Week five I had the pleasure to experience Jane Weibel’s art of the feminist side. Weibel had a bit of different experiences in different campuses, starting from Community College in San Diego and then coming to CSULB. Weibel has now been in CSULB for 3 1/2 years and will soon plan to graduate this semester. Where are her parents in her education you say? Well both of Weibel’s parents are supportive of her decision in pursing her art major. At first, Weibel stated that her parents where at first confused. However, after relating with her and her ideas, both of her parents recognized that she’s good at what she does best, Art!

The Gallery showed a “collection of gestures that explore the ways women are so often spoken over objectified, dismissed, stereotyped,shamed etc.” (Weibel). Weibel stated that this ultimately makes her angry and  keeps her motivated with her artistic practices. One can see how she makes an argument as they walk into her gallery.

Some of Wiebel’s Art work included Photography, ceramics, and gigantic objects. By gigantic object, I mean a huge cube consisting of different shapes and colorful plastics/rubber creating what it seems like a huge cage. This object related to the idea of individuals being trapped, specifically women. This represented that women could be placed in these giant cage like objects however, its not enough to hold them back. Since the cage is very sensitive and can be easily taken down, it meant that women can break out of these cages whenever they want, but some don’t choose to do these actions. As for Weibel, she chose to speak out in the form of Art.

Weibel’s favorite piece at her gallery was a picture of a women in a bungee cord with a rock. The girl in the picture can be seen laughing with a black dress on. This Art piece makes Weibel have a pleasant feeling. There’s something with her own pieces that make her have a good feeling. It is true, because as I walked in her gallery and see her photos it made me realize that women are mostly put down and constantly put in second. I never knew how hard it was for women to put up with these situations. At the end, this gallery showed a lot of educational views of the feminist side.

Wk 5: Graffiti Writing

Graffiti Art is actually harder than it sounds. I thought this Graffiti writing activity was going to be an easy one but it was much harder than I intended it to be. However, it was very fun playing with different bubble letters, especially while spelling my nick name. I decided to draw my nick name instead of my original thought of my whole name because my whole name wasn’t going to fit in the piece  of wood I found. I loved the end results anyways because for a beginner, it’s always going to be  great.

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