Gallery: Marilyn Werby GAllery

Exhibition: Art Sale

Artist: 3 departments, Sam Medeiros

This week during Art110 was an interesting one. The students during week 15 had the opportunity to not only touch the art pieces but to actually buy them as well if they like them. All the galleries were having a sell of all their wonderful Art Pieces. Some galleries had fiber art, printmaking, photography, and much more.

The Gallery themselves have students representing their departments. For example the gallery I was mainly focused on consisted of wood working, sculpture, and print making. This Art sale only happens once a year and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend it.

This Art sale that occurred in the Marilyn Werby gallery had their separate fund raisers.  During my visit in this gallery I had the chance to speak with Sam Medeiros. He’s actually graduating this semester and is planning to pursue a career  that will help him to progress with  his major. His art piece that was up for sale was actually a chest board. His art piece was an absolute great master piece. The chest board had all the possible pieces that had corresponding compartments under the board itself.