IMG_4820.JPGArtist: Conor Obrien

Exhibition: Mentia

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


This week I had the pleasure to meet yet another talented artist, Conor Obrien. He’s from Los Alamitos  and a current Senior here at CSULB. Obrien is also going for his photo major in hopes to go further with his degree. Obrien’s gallery consisted of a short video of one of his daily routine with his father, Michael. Michael was diagnosed with dementia 15 years ago.

Obrien’s father was a healthy special education teacher in the high school range.This comes to show that even a healthy individual can unfortunately fall victim to  dementia. It all started about one year prior to his diagnosis. It started with simple and unnoticeable reactions which soon grew. Obrien and his family members thought it was just his character at first, but then realized it was much worse after time went by.

His father now 68, has to constantly be watched either by his family members or his nurse. Surprisingly, I can relate much with Obrien’s situation because my grandmother unfortunately suffers from the same disorder. Much of Obrien’s daily routine with his father is very similar what my grandmother goes through on a daily basis as well.

As stated by Obrien himself, ” Mentia not only acts as an intimate depiction of the rigors of care giving an the severities of dementia but also as a testament to the enduring love that my father inspired and continues to inspire.” Obrien wants to bring more awareness of this disorder with the help of creating a documentary. In truth, I hope the very best for his journey in opening up people’s minds with his work.