Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: ( Art piece itself) Decoded Fabric Piece

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery



This Week’s artist conversation was with Caryn Aasness. This is her 4 1/2 year here at CSULB and hopefully her last semester as well.  Aasness is also an undergrad pursuing her Fiber BFA. Aasness’s Gallery was a calm and peaceful environment to walk into because as I made my way into the gallery the Art pieces of fabric on the wall brought back some memories, good ones I should say. As a child my grandmother would make these almost similar fabric pieces. However, what made Aasness Art Pieces even more interesting was the fact that she purposefully hid secret messages within her work.

Aasness wanted students seeing her gallery be interactive with the Art pieces themselves. She would let the students decode the secret messages by following patterns with the fabric lines. I thought this was Amazing! This not only made it a bit more exciting but also easier for me to understand the Art Pieces. All the hidden messages within the Art Pieces connected in some similar way. Some messages where put in order to give students the idea that an ideal is created of us to a person we aspire to be.

In one of the Art Piece’s secret messages, when decoded, mentions that the Artist doesn’t want to get married and have kids. Not anytime soon I believe. Aasness’s work environment was an interesting one but not as surprising because her work environment tends to be at night. Aasness states that it’s more peaceful and a better environment to work in because she doesn’t get as distracted as much as she would in the day time.

In short, Aasness Gallery Show was an exciting and interactive one without a doubt. If any other students want to try and decode the Art pieces themselves, please come and check out Aasness’s gallery. Hopefully, Aasness will get her dream career including Art work.