This week’s activity was an interesting one because it involved every student from professor Zucuman’s Art110 class photo and being displayed all over his office. Everyone had the chance to string themselves with other student’s photo, letting others know that: they did a classmate conversation, activity, and previous acquaintance with other students before Art110, using different colored yarn.

Discussion Questions:

  • Social Network in a sense might only apply to online & mobile tools because a large group of people don’t always know the 1,000 friends or 5,000 friends on Facebook.
  • When I visualized the Art110 Social Network, I was surprised on how I can use the people I know and met to my advantage. This can also be seen in Business Networking.
  • I would rather have a large group of friends that I know both physically and in terms of “Social Network” than having 1,000 or 5,000 friends on social media that I have no clue about.