imageThis week’s activity of Art 110, we had the opportunity to create an Art Care Package to anyone we wanted. I chose my Nina from Sylmar California. I decided to do it on her because she’s one of the only nina’s that still uses mail as a means of communication, and I thought I would surprise her with some of my doodles. Doodles are one of my only weaknesses because I can choose what and when to draw without any restrictions. I also sent her my website name so she can check on what I’m doing every week in Art class. This ACP activity is similar to Snapchat in a sense because we can still choose what we like to send to whom ever we want, but one might just take longer than the other. The ACP activity is just as important as paintings and art that is seen by a mass group of people; just because only one person receives an ACP doesn’t mean it’s necessarily less significant than other forms of art.

Ephemera to me might still mean something precious that can still gain more sentimental value over time because someone might like it  for a long time rather than just that short period of time. The