Artist: Dalia Bañuelos & Daniel Banilla-Vera

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: Infraction

website: Dalia’s Instagram: @deliaeffe Daniels’s website:

During week 9 of the SOA meet, I had the pleasure in meeting two great artist in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery; Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel Banilla-Vera. The artists are seniors here at CSULB and are planning to hopefully graduate this last semester here. Bañuelos and Banilla-Vera’s artworks include photography of different images. For example, some photographs are taken with nature while some are other Art pieces drawn or made by the same artist.

One fascinating tool the artist used in their gallery that made it stand out more than the others, was the use of yarn throughout the whole gallery. The artist made the yarn hold up all of the pieces being displayed on the walls to basically make an interpretation. The Artist wanted to use this alternative method to interpret photography. For example, since the only thing holding up the art works were the yarn; if someone or something were to cut it then all the pieces would fall apart. Meaning that their art work can be both inspiring and delicate at the same time.

Both the artist also have their own different likings besides just photographing for their major. Bañuelos likes to photograph people however, that doesn’t always go as plan because not everyone likes to be photographed by a random stranger. Bañuelos also studies and practices martial arts, Amazing! As for Banilla-Vera, he actually likes to photograph anything that matches his mood, but mainly likes a lot of nature, maybe because it shows a lot of tranquility.

In short, both these young Artist have a great skill set in photography. Hopefully more students like me can have the chance to go and see galleries similar to Bañuelos and Banilla- Vera because it might have an impact on you in a positive way. Most of these galleries have impacted me in a good way, and this gallery sure is one of them.