Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: SOCIAL Nathaniel Paderanga

Website: N/A

During this week’s SOA Gallery session I had the pleasure in meeting another talented artist named Nathaniel Paderanga . He’s a a senior here at CSULB and is hopefully going to graduate on this last semester for his BFA in drawing and painting. Prior to CSULB Paderanga actually transferred from Miramar Community College in San Diego. Paderanga’s personality at first glance is actually an interesting one because during the gallery he had an unexpected friend come into his gallery; his friend had no idea he had a secret talent in drawing and painting. This comes to show that something’s are not meant to be put out as much because Paderanga actually just does drawing and painting because he loves to do so.

His paintings include portraits of his mother, previous home, family/ friends and much more. Each of his painting are one to see in Person, his work is Remarkable because his paintings are so realistically put together. His work also include social issues. For example, he shows an anti-social kid on his phone or tablet rather than spending time with family members. Unfortunately I can relate to his painting because this happens occasionally with my cousin.

His work not only highlights the social problems people have these days but also shows the importance of life. For example,  one of his paintings include a homeless man sleeping in a street while other people are partying and having fun around him. This unfortunalty happens more often than people think. The root to all these paintings actually came from knowing what’s important in someone’s life because after Paderanga pasted away, his deep emotion truly came out.

Paderanga’a exhibition is truly a masterpiece, these paintings are by far one of the most beautiful pieces I had the pleasure to see. In short, his personal favorite in his gallery was the house he grew up in San Diego. He mentioned that his home now looks abandoned, so he wanted to paint it how he last remembered it.