Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: Extrusions

Instagram: @tiffuts

This week’s artist conversation was with Blaine Scot Prow, an Orange County resident that loves to play guitar, bass guitar, and photography for fun. He’s a senior here at CSULB. Scot Prow transferred to CSULB and is now majoring in Studio Art. Scot Prow is planning to go into graphic design after graduation. As a child, Scot Prow had an interesting liking for geometry that he found out 3 dimensional sculptures with 2 dimensional objects by accident when just cutting up pieces of paper at the start of his career Art.

His work in the Gallery explores “3 dimensional objects from 2 dimensional shapes.” Scot Prow knows that they’re many different ways to create 3 dimensional sculptures from 2 dimensional objects however, he states that ” the process of cutting and folding paper shapes is where the idea for extrusions came from.” Some of his work is easy to do that can take up to 30 minutes, he commented. However, there’s work in his Galleries that took him hours to make at times. This form of  Art Master piece takes a lot of time, patience, and math skills to accomplish.

For example, the triangle square art piece was the easiest one to make, and the hardest one was called CO. The only reason why CO was the hardest piece to make was in part because the lines and shapes had to be super straight and on point. Despite being difficult his Art Pieces still came out wonderful.

Scot Prow’s work comes to show that work can be as easy/ hard as you want it to be. It all depends whether you’re gonna like or not. In his case, he loved it. One of his favorite pieces is the repeating cubes called “factory.” That was his favorite piece because he loved the repetition it had and the shadows it created when the light hit it at different angles.