Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Ceramics, Mixed Media, Photography

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East


During Week five I had the pleasure to experience Jane Weibel’s art of the feminist side. Weibel had a bit of different experiences in different campuses, starting from Community College in San Diego and then coming to CSULB. Weibel has now been in CSULB for 3 1/2 years and will soon plan to graduate this semester. Where are her parents in her education you say? Well both of Weibel’s parents are supportive of her decision in pursing her art major. At first, Weibel stated that her parents where at first confused. However, after relating with her and her ideas, both of her parents recognized that she’s good at what she does best, Art!

The Gallery showed a “collection of gestures that explore the ways women are so often spoken over objectified, dismissed, stereotyped,shamed etc.” (Weibel). Weibel stated that this ultimately makes her angry and  keeps her motivated with her artistic practices. One can see how she makes an argument as they walk into her gallery.

Some of Wiebel’s Art work included Photography, ceramics, and gigantic objects. By gigantic object, I mean a huge cube consisting of different shapes and colorful plastics/rubber creating what it seems like a huge cage. This object related to the idea of individuals being trapped, specifically women. This represented that women could be placed in these giant cage like objects however, its not enough to hold them back. Since the cage is very sensitive and can be easily taken down, it meant that women can break out of these cages whenever they want, but some don’t choose to do these actions. As for Weibel, she chose to speak out in the form of Art.

Weibel’s favorite piece at her gallery was a picture of a women in a bungee cord with a rock. The girl in the picture can be seen laughing with a black dress on. This Art piece makes Weibel have a pleasant feeling. There’s something with her own pieces that make her have a good feeling. It is true, because as I walked in her gallery and see her photos it made me realize that women are mostly put down and constantly put in second. I never knew how hard it was for women to put up with these situations. At the end, this gallery showed a lot of educational views of the feminist side.