Artist: May TA

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Digital Media, Mixed Media

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Still Working on it

During Week four of Art 110, the whole Art class had the opportunity to have another chance to talk to a few more talented Artists. This week the Galleries had interesting Artist work like: Ink Jet printer and a fancy self-operating robot patrolling one of the Galleries. It was interesting yet another time because I also witnessed during one of the Galleries floating notes throughout a room. I soon found out the floating notes were someone’s thoughts on a daily basis. The notes were completely random at times but also very interesting to read. A talented Artist emerged yet again at the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery.

It’s like the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery gets me all the time because I basically get impressed every time I go inside that room. During my participation I had the opportunity to meet May Ta. She transferred from Fullerton College to CSULB. This will be her last semester here in CSULB, her time in the CSULB School of Art have been great. May and her colleague’s work in the Gallery consist of many intimate portraits of the human body. Their form of Art was meant to show the “universal desire for intimacy, while also acknowledging that we are always, ultimately alone.”

May’s work was very interesting because she used portraits of windows showing inside of a room. Some Artwork was presented out to seem as if it was all connected like a building. Some windows had shadows of people while other windows showed individuals being intimate with another person to show emotional privacy. However, not all of the masterpieces showed signs of intimacy. For example, there were other pieces that were put to show isolation and/or punishment, which might have been unpleasant to watch for some viewers.

In short, May Ta is a very well educated future graduate of CSULB and hopefully she will go far in life with her degree. I wish the best to her and her colleagues for the near future. Pretty soon the their group will make a website where all their wonderful pieces will be displayed. If I get the website information soon, I will make sure to post in one of my posts.