Artist: Ellin Fan

Exhibition: Interactive School of Art

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: CSULB School of Art Maker Society


During week three I had the pleasure to experience different kinds of Art in the CSULB Art Gallery. The Galleries showed different pieces within each room. For example, some showed artist’s paintings and others showed photography that had different meanings with each individual photo. Out of all the galleries only one seemed to catch my attention a little bit more than the rest. Upon entering the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery I stumbled upon different wood sizes on the floor. It was a bit strange that there were pieces of wood in the middle of the room. However, as I got closer I soon realized that the whole purpose for the wood being in the middle of the room was in part to make students interact and build what they wanted. I thought this idea was brilliant because unlike the other galleries you can touch the pieces.

One of the main purposes for the participation for the school of Art Maker Society in the Gallery is because they want to make students bring in their art and be interactive with art. Fan explained that it’s better for students to bring and make art in their gallery rather than actually just showing them art on the walls. Fan’s club wants to inspire students. The school of Art Maker Society also want “ the maker themselves to come in” and show them their ways and forms of Art.

The Dennis W. Dutzi gallery entrance gave the students the ability to touch and make art by coloring, building, and making stickers in the room! As I looked around the room and made my way in front of a desk I met Ellin Fan, Treasurer of the School of Art Maker Society, and an undergraduate Animation Major. This is her second year here at CSULB and the club she is a part of has only been active for about one semester (as well as entering this semester). Ellin Fan’s personality is an absolute happy and vibrant one. Fan made my experience in her gallery an interesting one because she basically grew up making art.

As a child Fan had the creativity to build and make dolls the way she wanted as well as being a great comic book artist. As Fan got older she started to go into Cosplay and doing some short animation of her favorite shows. Besides inspiring other students to make art, Fan loves to participate in community-based projects. For example, her club help decorate recycling bins in elementary schools. I hope students get the chance to check out this club and actually take part in it because it made a positive and exciting appearance in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery.