Wk 15: Finger Painting

This Week’s activity was Amazing! I had the opportunity to make something, but not sure what it is. I wasn’t to worry about that because it really didn’t need to be something you’re planning. My painting just showed marks and scratches of different sizes and colors. I was happy with the end results even though it was a bit messy.


Wk 15: Artist Conversation- Sam Medeiros

Gallery: Marilyn Werby GAllery

Exhibition: Art Sale

Artist: 3 departments, Sam Medeiros

This week during Art110 was an interesting one. The students during week 15 had the opportunity to not only touch the art pieces but to actually buy them as well if they like them. All the galleries were having a sell of all their wonderful Art Pieces. Some galleries had fiber art, printmaking, photography, and much more.

The Gallery themselves have students representing their departments. For example the gallery I was mainly focused on consisted of wood working, sculpture, and print making. This Art sale only happens once a year and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend it.

This Art sale that occurred in the Marilyn Werby gallery had their separate fund raisers.  During my visit in this gallery I had the chance to speak with Sam Medeiros. He’s actually graduating this semester and is planning to pursue a career  that will help him to progress with  his major. His art piece that was up for sale was actually a chest board. His art piece was an absolute great master piece. The chest board had all the possible pieces that had corresponding compartments under the board itself.



Wk 14: Instagram Post

This week’s activity was an interesting and unusual one. However, it wasn’t hard at all, for this week we had to post four different pictures and upload them on our Instagram page. The unusual part wasn’t the actual activity itself, rather it was uploading it to a private page because my Instagram page is not set to public. This fortunately didn’t stop me from posting my pictures. The main hashtags: #art110f16 #morningweather #library #homeworktime #artclass #it’sover #timetogohome.

Wk 14: Classmate Conversation- Negrete Farias

img_4876This week’s Classmate conversation was with Negrete Farias. She’s a 2nd year student here at CSULB majoring in Accounting; hope the very best for her in her major. Some of her hobbies consist of watching anime, Hulu, and Netflix. Farias loves to play board games: Monopoly, Clue, and occasionally Yu-Gi-Oh.

Wk 12: Artist conversation- Conor Obrien

IMG_4820.JPGArtist: Conor Obrien

Exhibition: Mentia

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


This week I had the pleasure to meet yet another talented artist, Conor Obrien. He’s from Los Alamitos  and a current Senior here at CSULB. Obrien is also going for his photo major in hopes to go further with his degree. Obrien’s gallery consisted of a short video of one of his daily routine with his father, Michael. Michael was diagnosed with dementia 15 years ago.

Obrien’s father was a healthy special education teacher in the high school range.This comes to show that even a healthy individual can unfortunately fall victim to  dementia. It all started about one year prior to his diagnosis. It started with simple and unnoticeable reactions which soon grew. Obrien and his family members thought it was just his character at first, but then realized it was much worse after time went by.

His father now 68, has to constantly be watched either by his family members or his nurse. Surprisingly, I can relate much with Obrien’s situation because my grandmother unfortunately suffers from the same disorder. Much of Obrien’s daily routine with his father is very similar what my grandmother goes through on a daily basis as well.

As stated by Obrien himself, ” Mentia not only acts as an intimate depiction of the rigors of care giving an the severities of dementia but also as a testament to the enduring love that my father inspired and continues to inspire.” Obrien wants to bring more awareness of this disorder with the help of creating a documentary. In truth, I hope the very best for his journey in opening up people’s minds with his work.

wk 11: Classmate conversation- Noe Sandoval

img_4787This week’s classmate conversation was with Noe Sandoval. This is Sandoval’s 2nd year here at CSULB and is majoring in Business Management. He likes to go to the beach, skate, and play video games for fun. His response towards the Question of the Week: What’s your opinion on fan art? ” I believe fan art can be over exaggerated sometimes but it’s the opinion of the viewer. Some people see things in their point of view and fan art helps us see things from their perspectives.”

wk 11: Artist Conversation- Caryn Aasness

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: ( Art piece itself) Decoded Fabric Piece

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery



This Week’s artist conversation was with Caryn Aasness. This is her 4 1/2 year here at CSULB and hopefully her last semester as well.  Aasness is also an undergrad pursuing her Fiber BFA. Aasness’s Gallery was a calm and peaceful environment to walk into because as I made my way into the gallery the Art pieces of fabric on the wall brought back some memories, good ones I should say. As a child my grandmother would make these almost similar fabric pieces. However, what made Aasness Art Pieces even more interesting was the fact that she purposefully hid secret messages within her work.

Aasness wanted students seeing her gallery be interactive with the Art pieces themselves. She would let the students decode the secret messages by following patterns with the fabric lines. I thought this was Amazing! This not only made it a bit more exciting but also easier for me to understand the Art Pieces. All the hidden messages within the Art Pieces connected in some similar way. Some messages where put in order to give students the idea that an ideal is created of us to a person we aspire to be.

In one of the Art Piece’s secret messages, when decoded, mentions that the Artist doesn’t want to get married and have kids. Not anytime soon I believe. Aasness’s work environment was an interesting one but not as surprising because her work environment tends to be at night. Aasness states that it’s more peaceful and a better environment to work in because she doesn’t get as distracted as much as she would in the day time.

In short, Aasness Gallery Show was an exciting and interactive one without a doubt. If any other students want to try and decode the Art pieces themselves, please come and check out Aasness’s gallery. Hopefully, Aasness will get her dream career including Art work.



wk 10: Artist Conversation- Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Neoteny

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


This Week’s Artist conversation was with Tony Nguyen. This is his 5th 1/2 here at CSULB and hopefully his last semester as well. Nguyen considers himself as a metal smith and not a black smith. The main difference between the two is that Metal smith is opened not only to hard metal blacksmith, but also jewelry making like Nguyen, and much more. Nguyen wants to make all of his work not only be visually appealing but physically functional as well because what’s the point of looking good if it can’t function.

His goal with his gallery show is to help the viewers create their own stories with what they see in their “childhood/youth,” Nguyen explains. All of Nguyen’s art work has a story to begin with. Some of the Art work displayed in the gallery was personally inspired by himself and his family members. Nguyen’s culture also plays a big role because some of his Art work is influenced by it. For example the British Mailbox in the entrance of the gallery. In addition, the vending machine at the center of the entrance was inspired by his father telling him how today’s toys are much better than old sticks and tires from his father’s time.

Nguyen’s Art pieces are fascinating to see in person because for me, hands on Art pieces are one of the best especially if it’s Metal Smith. Adding Jewry to the case makes it even better. Nguyen is very talented and is without a doubt going to be an expert in his field. Hopefully after graduation Nguyen is planning to expand his knowledge with  Metal Smith business either becoming a professor in his line of work or just working in Hollywood making Armor.

This Gallery without a doubt is exceptional, and changed my views in both Blacksmith and jewelry. I would’ve never thought to use blacksmith as another form of creating Art master pieces as Nguyen did in his gallery. His gallery really deserves to be seen in person because then only then students will see how remarkable his Art work is.



wk 10: Social Network

This week’s activity was an interesting one because it involved every student from professor Zucuman’s Art110 class photo and being displayed all over his office. Everyone had the chance to string themselves with other student’s photo, letting others know that: they did a classmate conversation, activity, and previous acquaintance with other students before Art110, using different colored yarn.

Discussion Questions:

  • Social Network in a sense might only apply to online & mobile tools because a large group of people don’t always know the 1,000 friends or 5,000 friends on Facebook.
  • When I visualized the Art110 Social Network, I was surprised on how I can use the people I know and met to my advantage. This can also be seen in Business Networking.
  • I would rather have a large group of friends that I know both physically and in terms of “Social Network” than having 1,000 or 5,000 friends on social media that I have no clue about.

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